cSand: Absolute Systems Solutions

cSAND Series from Concept Shapers comprises of integrated Computer Consoles having single or multiple TFT LCD’s and Computer Systems.

With focus on Ergonomics to facilitate user comfort, cSAND confirms to Military standards for Ergonomics. cSAND series has been successfully deployed for Firing Control, Command & Communication Control, Radar Operator Control etc. applications. cSAND has received specific appreciation from customers for our space saving design and reliable performance.

This series has a range of configurations with 1 tier, 2 tier or 3 tier displays, top-down or side-by-side designs, and a variety of computing options.

CSAND Series
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  • Single / Multi displays with individual Swivel option
  • Touchpanel for diplays (optional)
  • Manufactured out of stainless steel and/or Aluminium
  • Display sizes ranging from 10.4” to 24”
  • User Configurable Desk Layouts consisting of Input Devices viz. Keyboards, Joysticks, Trackballs, Custom Keypads, etc.
  • Electronic module includes : IBM compatible PCs, VME or CPCI based Card Systems, Other custom defined computing systems
  • Efficient Thermal Management
  • Aesthetic and ergonomic design
  • Environmental specification as per JSS 55555
  • Operating temperature : -10°C ~ +55°C
  • Sealing : IP 65 (front panel only) optional
  • EMI : As per MIL-STD-461D

Applications: - Mission Critical Applications, Mobile Communications, Naval Control Systems, Aviation Control Systems, Simulation Systems etc.